Can Raynaud’s cause miscarriage?

Does Raynaud’s affect pregnancy?

Patients with Raynaud’s phenomenon appear to be at increased risk for vascular complications during pregnancy such as hypertensive disorders, emergent deliveries, and poor neonatal outcomes. Obstetric providers should be aware of their increased risk and manage pregnancies accordingly.

Can Raynaud’s syndrome cause miscarriage?

How Is Raynaud’s Linked To Miscarriage? Many patients that have Raynaud’s are not aware that they have an underlying autoimmune disease. Any autoimmune disease can lead to miscarriage, because in most cases, the body fails to turn off the immune attack against the embryo.

What damage can Raynaud’s cause?

If secondary Raynaud’s is severe — which is rare — reduced blood flow to your fingers or toes could cause tissue damage. A completely blocked artery can lead to sores (skin ulcers) or dead tissue, both of which can be difficult to treat.

Is Raynaud’s a serious condition?

Raynaud’s disease is when blood vessels in your fingers and toes temporarily overreact to low temperatures or stress. For most people, it isn’t a serious health problem. But for some, the reduced blood flow can cause damage.

Is Raynaud’s an autoimmune disease?

Raynaud’s phenomenon is the short-term interruption of blood flow to the extremities, such as the fingers and toes. Raynaud’s phenomenon may be a sign of an underlying autoimmune disorder such as scleroderma or lupus, so it’s important to see your doctor for diagnosis.

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Can scleroderma cause miscarriages?

Scleroderma appears to have little effect on fertility. There does appear to be an increased frequency of premature deliveries and lower weight infants as compared to the normal population. Miscarriage risk in scleroderma appears to be associated with the presence of antiphospholipid antibodies (APS).

Can primary Raynaud’s turn into secondary?

The causes of primary Raynaud’s are unclear. However 1 in 10 people with primary Raynaud’s goes on to develop a condition associated with secondary Raynaud’s, such as lupus.

Can Raynaud’s affect milk supply?

Raynaud’s phenomenon has been reported to affect the nipples of breastfeeding mothers and is recognized by many lactation experts as a treatable cause of painful breastfeeding.

What is the difference between primary and secondary Raynaud’s?

There are two main types of Raynaud’s—primary and secondary. In primary Raynaud’s (also called Raynaud’s disease), the cause isn’t known. Primary Raynaud’s is more common and tends to be less severe than secondary Raynaud’s. Secondary Raynaud’s is caused by an underlying disease, condition, or other factor.

Is raynauds permanent?

Episodes of Raynaud’s phenomenon usually occur only once in a while and typically don’t cause permanent damage. Some people however may have frequent and severe episodes. Without treatment secondary Raynaud’s phenomenon can damage the affected part of the body.

Does raynauds go away?

A: This condition tends not to go away, but it also tends not to get any worse. Most people with primary Raynaud’s can manage their symptoms with minor lifestyle changes, and don’t need medication.

Does Raynaud’s progress?

It is a progressive condition, meaning it tends to worsen as a person gets older. Initially it may only affect the tips of the fingers or toes, but over time may affect whole fingers and toes.

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