How do you treat a convulsion in an infant?

How can I treat my baby’s convulsion at home?

Self-Care at Home

  1. Help the child to lie down on their side, preferably in a flat, non-crowded area. …
  2. Remove glasses or other harmful objects in the area.
  3. Do not try to put anything in the child’s mouth to try to stop the seizure; you may injure the child or yourself.

What is the best treatment for convulsion?

Doctors often recommend psychological therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, to help treat non-epileptic seizures. These treatments help a person manage the underlying stress causing the seizures.

What are the 3 signs and symptoms of a febrile convulsion?

The symptoms of febrile convulsions include:

  • loss of consciousness (black out)
  • twitching or jerking of arms and legs.
  • breathing difficulty.
  • foaming at the mouth.
  • going pale or bluish in skin colour.
  • eye rolling, so only the whites of their eyes are visible.
  • your child may take 10 to 15 minutes to wake up properly afterwards.

What are the drugs for convulsion?

Anticonvulsant/Anti-Seizure Medication from A to Z

  • Acetazolamide. Acetazolam.
  • Carbamazepine. Tegretol. Mazepine, Carbamazepine CR.
  • Clobazam. Frisium.
  • Clonazepam. Rivotril. Clonpam, Clonazepam-R.
  • Diazepam. Valium. Diastat, Diazemuls, Dipam.
  • Ethosuximide. Zarontin. Fosphenytoin. …
  • Gabapentin. Neurontin. Lacosamide. …
  • Lamotrigine. Lamictal.
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Do infant seizures go away?

In most cases, the seizures go away by the time the child is 16 months old. About 11% of children go on to develop other types of seizures.

How long do seizures last in babies?

His or her mouth or face may twitch or eyes may blink rapidly. The seizure usually lasts no longer than 30 seconds. When the seizure is over, your child may not recall what just occurred. He or she may go on with activities as though nothing happened.

What is the first aid for a child having a feverish convulsion?

If you think your child is having a seizure due to fever, try to stay calm and: Gently place your child on the floor or the ground. Remove any nearby objects. Place your child on his or her side to prevent choking.

Is there a cure for convulsion?

Is there a cure for epilepsy? There’s no cure for epilepsy, but early treatment can make a big difference. Uncontrolled or prolonged seizures can lead to brain damage. Epilepsy also raises the risk of sudden unexplained death.

What happens during a convulsion?

A convulsion is an episode in which you experience rigidity and uncontrolled muscle spasms along with altered consciousness. The spasms cause jerky motions that generally last a minute or two.

Can convulsion cause death?

Seizures can be fatal, but dying from a seizure is uncommon . Epilepsy is a group of conditions in which people have seizures. However, a person without epilepsy can also have a seizure. Many seizure deaths come from external factors like drowning, falling, or choking that occur during a seizure.

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