When do babies grow out of Doona?

How long can baby fit in Doona?

How long can a baby stay in a Doona car seat? Doona car seats don’t have a limit by age but by weight. Thus, the optimal limit is 28 pounds and around 12 -15 months of age. Some parents do keep their child in Doona until 24 months.

When should I stop using Doona?

We recommend to discontinue the use of a Doona car seat after 6 years from the date of manufacture.

Why is Doona sold out?

Most products, like the Doona, come out of factories in Asia. These items are essentially getting stuck there when factories and ports close due to COVID-19 infections. … It’s also a reason why we expect product shortages to peak around the holiday season.

Does Doona grow with baby?

Even though the Doona works up to 35 lbs., most babies will outgrow it before their first birthday.

Does Doona need a base?

Yes, the Doona includes a car seat base with purchase. You’ll want to keep this base in your primary vehicle for everyday use and may wish to purchase a separate Doona base for other vehicles. The Doona can be installed in a vehicle without the base, using only a seatbelt, making it convenient for travel and taxis.

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Can you go on long walks with the Doona?

Simple Parenting’s Doona infant car seat easily converts to a stroller, making running errands with your baby a snap. The Doona is a car seat first, said Roni Golombek, product manager at Simple Parenting. The stroller is a “mobility solution,” but it’s not meant for long walks in the park.

How long do you use a Doona?

While every baby grows at a different rate, you can expect to use the Doona with your baby for approximately 12 months. With a 6 year expiration date, you may even be able to use the Doona with a second child later on!

Does Doona have Black Friday sales?

The Doona will not be on sale for Black Friday 2021. The Doona has been in low supply throughout 2021 due to COVID-related global supply chain constraints, and Doona controls pricing for all retailers nationwide. Strolleria sells the Doona at the lowest prices allowed by the manufacturer, with free shipping.